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Fire Supression Systems

The Ansul A-101 Fire Suppression System is an automatic or manual fire suppression system using FORAY® (monoammonium phosphate base) dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires. The fire suppression system is designed for use on large, off-road type construction and mining equipment (such as large excavators/shovels, draglines, haul trucks, wheeled loaders), and specialty vehicles (such as slag, pot and/ or slab carriers, tunnel boring machines, solid waste handling equipment, and forestry vehicles).

These types of equipment have large volumes of oils and hydraulic fluids under pressure. The fire system described is a suppression system only and is not designed or intended to extinguish all fires. It is extremely important that alternative fire-fighting equipment be available in case the system does not totally extinguish a fire. If an automatic fire detection and actuation system has not been supplied or has been disconnected, system actuation and discharge will not occur unless the fire suppression system is manually actuated.

The Ansul R-102 Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered solution to appliance ventilating hood and duct grease fires. The system is designed to maximize hazard protection, reliability, and installation efficiency. Automatic or manual system actuation releases a throttle discharge of potassium carbonate solution on the protected area in the form of fine droplets to suppress the fire and help prevent reignition after the discharge is complete.

The system has been designed for protecting kitchen hood, plenum, exhaust duct, grease filters, and cooking appliances (such as fryers, griddles, rangetops, upright broilers, charbroilers and woks) from grease fires. The versatile state-of-the-art wet chemical distribution technique combined with dual, independent activation capability - automatic fusible link or manual release - provides efficient, reliable protection the moment a fire is detected. Once initiated, the pressurised wet chemical extinguishing agent cylinder discharges a potassium carbonate solution through a pre-engineered piping network and out the discharge nozzles.

The wet chemical discharge pattern is maintained for a duration of time to ensure suppression and inhibit reignition. Expanded capability provides remote manual actuation, gas equipment shutdown, and electrical system shutdown. This optional equipment will enhance the basic system functions and be applicable when designing custom configurations to suit a particular customer's needs and/or comply with local codes



Fire Supression Systems
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